VIN Message & Checkout Message

The VIN message notifies customers during their checkout process to provide the VIN Number for their vehicle, in order to ensure the accuracy of their order. For this reason, the VIN message is an important aspect of your Cart Page. 

To make changes to your VIN message, go to Settings and Setup in your Control Panel:

  1. Click Edit prior to making any changes on this page. 
  2. Scroll to Display Settings or click Display Settings in the page navigation.
  3. Click Update once you have made your changes.
For example: Enter the FULL VIN to verify correct fitment and accuracy of your order.

The Checkout Message and Checkout Extra Content boxes can be used to include any additional information which could potentially impact the customer's order.

For example: "Any orders containing hazardous materials will incur additional freight charges. Our parts department representatives will reach out to you should this be applicable to your order."

Of course, you can use the Checkout messaging however you see fit. These fields are intended to help notify your customers of important information prior to their purchase.

Please note: the VIN message field cannot be made a requirement for your customers. Should a customer not provide a VIN number, you can reach out to the customer within their Order Detail page and use the Email Correspondence feature.