Enhance Site Performance with SimplePart’s Promotional Tools

Running sales promotions on your website, giving out coupons and sending promotional emails to existing clients are all great ways to generate more sales. 

At SimplePart we regularly run marketing promotions for our dealers and OEM partners. Our promotions often generate 3x to 4x our clients’ typical order volume. Here are some ideas you can easily do on your own to help you sell more. 

Promotional Banners and Hero Images

SimplePart offers a variety of promotional options for your website. 

Promotional banners, located at the top of your website, are an effective way to let visitors know what’s on sale and for how long, or any active promotional discount codes or free shipping events. The promotional banners on SimplePart’s sites are effective because they follow users as they navigate through your site, constantly reminding shoppers of your great deals.

Be sure to use promotional banners in moderation. We suggest you only run banners for limited amount of time to help keep shoppers’ attention

Hero Images are also located at the top of your website. They are an effective way to reinforce your promotional messaging and help your promotion stand out. Hero images should also be used in moderation. 

To add promotional banners and hero images to your site, please contact our Client Services Team and we will set up your banner or hero image.


Coupons are another great marketing tool that not only drive sales, but also help build customer loyalty. Coupons can be used in many different ways, and they can be digital or printed.  Use them to highlight the discount value, duration and discounted products. Consider delivering your coupons during an email promotional campaign or in your packaging as cards or slips

Tracking the performance of every single coupon and campaign you launch is crucial to your business’s promotional strategy. SimplePart offers a built-in coupon tracking system, so your coupon campaigns can become a great new source of data to continuously improve your business performance. You can even run a few coupon campaigns simultaneously to see which coupon has the best impact on sales.

Your coupons should include some key elements:

  • A clear and concise call to action, such as: 

  • Claim your deal

  • Shop now, save later

  • Save 10% on your next order

  • An expiration date. This creates a sense of urgency incentivizing shoppers to take action.

  • Clear and concise instructions. Complicated rules will discourage potential consumers.

You can add packaging inserts to an order before you ship it out. These inserts are great to build customer loyalty and pairs well with a thank you note. 

Adding a coupon to your email receipts offering a discount on the next order  is another great way to generate repeat business.

Contact our Client Services Team with any additional questions about coupons. We also have an experienced Marketing Team at SimplePart that can help you develop your coupon ideas. 

Email Promotions

Promotional emails can also be used strategically to generate sales and build a loyal customer base. Our experienced Marketing Team works closely with our dealers and OEM partners to create and distribute promotional emails. Here are some tips and tricks to help you run your own email campaigns. 

- Keep your relationship with your customers in mind when creating a promotional email. Do not bore them, do not be intrusive and do not be repetitive.  

- Consider your frequency. Emailing your customers too many times can cause them to stop paying attention, turning your emails into a nuisance instead of a welcome communication.

- Take time to develop a strong call to action. The most effective promotional emails are able to convert the user right away. A good call to action pushes the reader to complete an action.

- Experiment with your email’s format, copy, call to action and images. Successful email campaigns are a constant work in progress. 

- Keep it short. When it comes to promotional emails, remember: less is more. Have your important information at the top followed by any additional details.

- Tie your promotional campaigns in with other marketing activities to achieve more success. Our most successful promotional email campaigns run alongside paid search ads on Google and Bing, coupon codes, marketing integration with existing OEM promotions, promotional banners and hero images on your site.  

For additional questions, contact our Client Services Team, available to you 24/7. You can contact us by email at support@simplepart.com, or call 1-888-843-0425.